Information for Producers

What is the MCS certification?

The MCS certification ensures that a product, process or service conforms to the standards, guidelines or recommendations of organizations dedicated to the establishment of national or international standards.

What benefits are there to getting certified?

Thanks to the certification’s strict parameters, it fully improves production processes, resulting in high quality products that can be marketed easily and cost effectively.

Getting certified reduces the unnecessary costs of faulty processes.

It generates critical information efficiently to track not only the product itself but also its inputs and the people involved in the production process, allowing for the recovery of contaminated products.

The result is continuous improvement in the production process, due to more efficiently exploiting all the resources involved.

Benefits to Producers and Packers

  • Product differentiation
  • Your product’s presence at trade shows, forums and marketing events
  • National and international promotion of your product
  • Recognition by international authorities and organizations
  • The generation of basic materials, such as manuals, logs, records, work plans, training programs and monitoring programs, allowing for tighter controls on inputs, production, packing, waste and downtime

Benefits to Buyers and Distributers

  • Quality assurance under well-defined standards
  • Direct purchase from producers and packers
  • Growing demand for MCS-certified products
  • Constant supply and a variety of quality products
  • Strengthened relations with suppliers
  • The prestige of selling healthy, safe and quality products

Benefits to Supermarkets

  • Constant supply of quality, safe products
  • Direct purchases from suppliers
  • Supplier development programs

Benefits to Consumers

  • Satisfaction and confidence in their purchases
  • Certified quality
  • Clear product origin
  • Easy identification of quality food products
  • Safe, healthy and fresh produce
  • Complete commercial information


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